One of the most amazing and historic spots in Monterey is the old Hotel del Monte, on the campus of the Naval Postgraduate School, normally only accessible to the military.  And one of the most amazing events is their Sunday Brunch which is open to the public on the last Sunday of the month.  We had the honor of performing on September 24th and will be repeating the gig on October 29th.

Please join us the last Sunday in October in the Barbara McNitt Ballroom (or on the balcony – gorgeous view!) for exquisite fare and our signature swinging Blue Jazz music.  Get there early and you can enjoy a drink at the cool Trident Room – the basement bar with a nautical theme – that opens at 10am.  Be sure to  leave time for exploring the lobby and the museum room – tons of interesting history there!

And you’ll want to stroll the beautiful grounds, with a desert garden, pool, and even a friendly squirrel or two.  Our first time playing there was a pleasure and even saw a few couples dancing!  Hope to see some of our fans in the audience on the 29th – please make your reservations by October 13th.  You’ll need to provide the following via phone or email: submit full names, birth dates and DL /ID numbers to 831-656-1049 mwrcatering@nps.edu by October 13th.

Brunch is $30 per person (includes champagne, OJ, coffee/tea and an expansive menu), $15 for kids, under 4yrs free. Reservations must me made 3 Fridays in advance by phone or email.  Check out this cool photo I found of when the Hotel del Monte was in it’s heyday and the beginning (and end!) of the legendary 17 Mile Drive.  Salvador Dali hosted an avant garde party there – look it up, you’ll be amazed.  See you there!



Good morning. I would like to book 4 for brunch. What days do you have avalible with enough time for the vetting process?

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Good morning Matt, and thanks for contacting us! Please use this form to make your reservations: http://www.danbeckmusic.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/NPSgate-access-form.pdf.

The two upcoming brunch dates are 01.28.18, and 02.25.18. If you and your party are civilians, the reserve-by dates are 01.12.18 for January and 02.09.18 for February brunch.

Thank you again for your interest, and we look forward to seeing you at the historic Hotel Del Monte!

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